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JOURNEYS UGANDA is one of the top tour operators in Eastern Africa offering a wide choice on safaris in Uganda & Rwanda. Our trips range from day trips to multiday adventures in Uganda & Rwanda including gorilla safaris, primate tours, bird watching and wildlife safaris. We concentrate on private tailor-made and scheduled Uganda safaris which capture the essence and fiction of early days of African Safaris with well chosen luxury and comfort lodges with an emphasis on personal service with a big bias on Primates and Cultures of the people of Uganda and Rwanda.

What highlights us from other African tour operators is the knowledge, familiarity, and commitment to service excellence . We promise immediate, passionate and meticulous attention to your Uganda / Rwanda adventure travel needs, our primate safaris are always combined with the cultural and wildlife highlights of each destination, well researched by our guides and the most practical.

Uganda Safaris

We offer packaged safaris ranging from day trips to 3 weeks+ tours combining various tourist hot spots in Uganda.

Uganda-Rwanda Safaris

Discover Uganda & Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills with our unique crafted tour offers to these amazing countries.

Cultural Safaris

Our cultural safaris give you ‘A TRUE AFRICAN EXPERIENCE’ by introducing an innovative systematic programme

Best Of Uganda-Rwanda 

Come we see Africa in its ancient days of doing a wildlife safari with very competent and instinctively responsive tour guides to your likes and dislikes.

Best Of Uganda Safari

The obvious highlights of this Best Uganda Safari include chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest National Parks with enormous big game encounters 

Classic Primates Safari

Our main highlight of the trip as we expect to get into direct view of the endangered rare mountain gorillas, after a series of primate search.

Journeys Uganda Projects

Contribute to the cause by signing up for a Uganda Rwanda Tour. 10% Of Profits from Each Safari Go To Helping these orphans