Security Update Uganda

Dear friends,

Uganda has been in the news lately for various reasons, which unfortunately do not promote the beauty of the country. There are many mixed reports that  have been published, which may cause concern among anyone travelling to Uganda and Rwanda.

We therefore would like to give you a detailed update, with the aim to help you understand the situation and take away any misunderstandings. The Uprising In South Sudan have not in any way affected the peace and security Of Uganda. Uganda is Still safe as it has always been.


Should you require additional information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We look forward to adventuring  with you  the Pearl of Africa!

Kapkwai forest: Were Culture Meets Nature

Kapkwai forest(Located in Kapchorwa District) is home to amazing caves, waterfalls, numerous tree Species, bird and animal species. One’s experience of trekking in the wilderness is made exciting through the guidance of  the Naturalist Guides of Journeys Uganda
Our nature walk through the forest begin the  morning at 8am when, with walking sticks in hands, we make our way through the hilly and slippery paths.

Haven of herbal remedies
About a kilometre into the forest , the guide introduce you to Prunus Africana, a tree species said to be a remedy for prostate cancer, syphilis and gonorrhea, among other diseases. Its said that the  secret is in the leaves and roots which are boiled with a specified quantity of water and then taken in liquid form. you will cross three streams on a wooden bridge, jumping over red ants and encountering a caterpillar that frightens the ladies in our entourage. You will also see Adrianna tree species which are said to strengthen the skull of toddlers.

The Chebonet falls

Uganda Safari Tours

The sounds of gushing water from the Chebonet falls can be heard long before you see them. Believed to be the biggest in the Elgon area, Chebonet falls boast for clear water. The way the water falls off the rocks makes it look like an ideal shower place. There are well laid stones that could serve as basin and chair for resting after a bath.
The falls are said to be part of the River Chebonet that drops its waters in Lake Kyoga. At the falls, one catches a glimpse of the different types of monkeys in green, grey and black colours. These are said to be permanent residents around the falls. Leaving this point is a hustle as one goes through steep stairs.


Wilwil rock
After a long stretch, you arrive at Wilwil rock that is the rest centre for tourists. Here you have a clear view of the forest including the neighbouring hills and villages. On the same rock is where you find impate shrub that used for painting nails and decorating lips. Around this rock also dog weed that is said to be a therapy for chicken pox.  Its leaves are dried, pounded and mixed with jelly and then smeared on the body of a sick person. There are many other medicinal shrubs found around the rock.

Kapkwai cave

Uganda Cave

About 300 metres from Wilwil rock, is the spectacular Kapkwai cave. It is an ancestral site famous for twin rituals. The traditional priest performs customs that include slaughtering a sheep and goat. The two animals are then eaten by the twin’s parents, relatives and other local leaders. The twin rituals are performed when the children are three months old. Rites of female twins are different from their male counterparts.
Apart from being an ancestral site, Kapkwai cave has more than seven astonishing corners. Some are storyed. It has about five walls. The cave also has a flat ground where tourists sit for a meal, rest or converse. One can hear the echoes similar to talking in a wider empty room. It is also a home to several bats and birds.

Join us and Lets Take this Adventure!!!!!!

The revival of Uganda Airlines

Finally!!!After decades of  death there is now a ray of hope for the Uganda National Carrier. the Uganda National Airlines is a is set  to hit and colour the skies once again pretty soon within a period of five years (hopefully), after decades and years of shutting down.


In a statement made by the head of State his excellence Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at the first national address of the newly appointed ministers. The Presidents stated that it is a big shame that Uganda did not have a national carrier and instructed the new Minister for works and transport to conclude the discussions with the investors to ensure the start the start of the National airline as a matter of urgency. The president criticized Kenyan, Ethiopia and South African for ditching the comradeship and instead opting to exploit Ugandans.


The former Uganda airline was established by President Iddi Amin dada in 1976 but later was liquidated over heavy debts. The Agha Khan fund for Economic development came in years later and put up air Uganda which operated for about seven years before they were put out of Business by the Uganda civil Aviation on grounds of safety issues.  A number of debates went to as to why Government did not reinvest in this venture Inspite of the available opportunity that many people saw as a chance to revive the pride and glory of the pearl of Africa. The former managing Director of the airline Mr. Mutyaba, amidst the parliamentary debts on the revival of the airlines by sinking money in air Uganda  exclaimed that it was a shame that the government did not come up to rescue the airline that still had a lot of potential for growth and blooming.


According to the minister for Technology and ICT, the economy of Uganda then was not strong enough to support a national carrier but now the economy is much more stable and could support the Uganda airline which explains the president’s change of mind. Uganda being a landlocked country, a national carrier is a critical asset.


However all that history put behind, today Uganda’s tourism industry is the major foreign exchange earner and one of the fastest growing industries however the lack of a national career has been a major drawback to our growth. The national career will be not only a national pride but also a revenue draw for the government as well as a big savior to the numerous domestic and international travelers coming in and out of the country in terms of cost and convenience.

With further discussion, evaluations and plans underway, to see to the comeback of the National carrier, which if majority approve could be written in the next fiscal budget, we in the tourism fraternity can only pray and hope for the best outcome. It will be a major boast to the tourism industry as well as the general economy of the country.