About Us

APaul Tamwenyas a guide and graduate of tourism management and seeing many Uganda travel companies organize bustling convoys of minivans, land cruisers, packed with tourists, I always felt they were missing the true wilderness experience and the ancient Uganda-Rwanda within Africa and being a teacher of Guides and conservation, I learned how inspirational and satisfying culturally-respectful and environmentally-sensitive travel can be of benefit to both the hosting communities and the travelers. Being a nature explorer and expert I always looked at Private Uganda and Rwanda Safaris as the best reward to the nature explorer out there who wants to get to destinations not yet disturbed by human activities. The value of private Ugandan safaris became as obvious to me as a million thundering game. Wildlife-focused itineraries, personalized service, luxury Uganda vacations and off-the-beaten-path adventures quickly became hallmarks of Uganda and Rwanda Safaris.


Journeys Uganda was an idea envisioned from Will Weber the Director JOURNEYS INTERNATIONAL based in the US, it all started when I stopped to aid a broken-down vehicle of theirs in Uganda in 2009. I picked up six of Will’s travelers and put them into my van to where they could meet a new vehicle and within 3 to 4 hours, Will had been impressed by my courtesy and the breadth of local knowledge I had about the Birds and Local cultures.

This drove us into a partnership and them being safari planners in the U.S. teaming with our gracious staff in Uganda and Rwanda the entire Journeys team aims to provide the finest Uganda - Rwanda safaris in the world. From the moment you sign up with us, you will become part of our family. We've all fallen in love with our destinations, and we know you will too. We can't wait to take you there!

We know that you have several choices available from which to book your safari to Uganda or Rwanda. We believe that we offer a truly unique and highly customized adventure. Our customers define us and our dedicated staff strives to exceed your expectations by overwhelming you with prompt attention, enthusiasm, accurate information, and expertise. No matter where you are on the path to planning your own dream safari, it is our pleasure and honor to assist you along the way in making that dream safari a reality. Your interests and your search for integrity and authenticity have, perhaps, led you to JOURNEYS. Your travel satisfaction is our goal. JOURNEYS is the company you keep. We are just for you so it’s about us and you!!

Imagine the diverse cultures, tropical gorilla forests and endless savannas heaving with millions of wildlife, and collapsed volcanoes brimming in mist. Visualize a place completely unaware of civilization where wildlife still reigns supreme. It is hard to believe a place like this still exists, but it does. It is Uganda and Rwanda. Come experienced this wilderness and be rest assured it will captured your soul.

We have a range of safaris, tours and holiday destinations. Contact us for exquisite Uganda and Rwanda safaris taking into account some of the best experiences Africa can offer.