Gorilla Tours

Are you a gorilla fanatic? Then these trips are specially meant for you. Experience the reality of nature as you encounter these magnificent mountain gorillas in three different locations.

Gorilla,Chimpanzees & Wildlife

Uganda being among the best eco-tourism destinations in Africa, Journeys is attesting this to you in just 8 days which will expose to abundant pachyderms and other game

Uganda Big 5 Safari

This Uganda Big 5 safari if focusing on The Lion, Leopards, Elephant, Cape Buffalo, and Rhino, much as Uganda is more popular for primates

Uganda Rwanda Complete Safari

Search for primates that largely relate to humans the – chimpanzees. The chances here however are not open but with nature luck is the most important factor. Later on we get back to our hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Aves And Apes Uganda-Rwanda

Much as Uganda and Rwanda lacks the recognition of its big-name neighbors as far as tourism is concerned, our unique wildlife reserves and parks boast of all the animals and birds with less crowds making it the definitive eco tourist destination in the region.

Uganda Primates Safari

This Uganda Primate Safari will be making us traverse the primate parks of Uganda and other various vicinities of attraction, there is a very big highlight on Mountain Gorilla trekking and chimpanzee Viewing, these will be coupled with several primates that we shall encounter.

Primates, Wildlife And Culture

Drive to Mbale via the source of the Nile, we drive through Mabira forest which extends more than 300km2, which is primarily composed of moist semi-deciduous forest in which more than 200 tree spp have been identified and the best birding spot within central Uganda